Real. Organic. Food. Since 2006.

Notice: Camros is closed due to building renovations

Our Organic Integrity

Our wholesome meals are made with 100% organic ingredients, unless we explicitly announce otherwise due to seasonal shortages.

​​We ensure that all food items we carry (including desserts and beverages) are made primarily with organic ingredients.

But we don't want customers to just take our word for it.

​​You are invited to verify our organic integrity for yourself.

Camros only deals with reputable, well-known suppliers of organic foods (mostly certified). You are welcome to contact them and ask them if we do regular business with them - see the list on this page for our supplier contact information.

​​We are big on LOCAL, organic food!

We purchase fresh ingredients extensively from renowned local organic farmers, through farmers' markets in the GTA. Some of the Toronto and Ontario farmers we work with are:

​​Ted at Evergreen Brick Works, Dufferin Groove Park Market, Wychwood Barns Farmer's Market, and Riverdale Farmers' Market

Ben at Evergreen Brick Works and Dufferin Groove Park Market​​.

​​Mike at the Village Market (in Thornhill).

​​Angelo at the Dufferin Groove Park Market and Village Market.

Our Organic Food Suppliers With Contact Info
(Yes, check up on us)

Ontario Natural Food Coop
Fresh produce, herbs, legumes, nuts.
(416) 503-3663

Pfennings Organic Foods
Fresh produce, herbs, legumes, nuts.
(519) 725-4282

Hahn Produce
Fresh produce.
(289) 286-1704

Merchants of Green Coffee
Organic, fresh, fairtrade coffee.

A&E Fine Foods
Fresh produce, herbs, legumes, nuts, and flours.
(905) 478-1500

Himalayan crystal salt, kale chips.
(905) 478-1500

Whole World Trade
Organic and fairtrade herbal teas.
(416) 444-4911

Biodegradable cups, cutlery, and containers.
(905) 923-3005

Biodegradable cups, cutlery, and containers.