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Notice: Camros is closed due to building renovations

Hiring Status/Job Opportunities

Hiring Status: Not Currently Hiring

(Last Updated: June 29, 2015)


​​Thank you for your interest in working at Camros Organic Eatery.

​​Let us tell you about the restaurant, and the kind of person we are looking to add to our team. You might be the one we are looking for.

​​We care about integrity, excellence in quality, customer health and satisfaction, and disciplined teamwork. Our core values are self-responsibility, integrity, discipline, continuous improvement, productivity, service, fun and excellence.

​​Our mission is to provide our customers in Toronto with clean, delicious and nutritious food that enhances their lives through enjoyment and increased vitality.

Please note that beyond the basics of whole, unprocessed, and organic food, we do not promote any specific dietary approaches. We respect our customers to choose what is best for their bodies and do not subscribe to any "ism" when it comes to food. We believe bio-individuality makes the most sense when it comes to decisions around diet.

We take a step-by-step training approach with new employees, and provide detailed instructions according to our work systems.

Ideal Candidate:

- Self-disciplined

- Pro-active in doing the work that needs to be done

- Self-responsible

- Organized

- Learns fast and pays attention to detail

- Able to handle fast pace

- Willing to learn and apply our work systems

- Willing to follow instructions

- Open to feedback for the sake of continuous growth and improvement

- Interested in healthy nutrition

- Excellent customer service

- Strong team player

- Attentive and observant

- Able to receive feedback without taking it personally; takes action on the basis of feedback

- Proactive in offering ideas to enhance work systems

- Looking for a stable schedule and can commit to regular hours

- Punctual and reliable

- Respectful toward self and others

- Aware of importance of self-care (especially through nutrition, exercise and sleep) and has ample energy during the day

- Honed hygiene habits

- Strong command of the English language

- Minimum level of education: high-school diploma

Workplace Spirit:

Camros Organic Eatery is a disciplined, respectful, productive and pleasant workplace where relationships and a sense of community are fostered. Doing the work really, really well is what comes first. In other words: excellence.

Management cares about staff well-being and listens to feedback, while expecting the best from all. Motivated, focused and "growth mindset" oriented individuals will thrive best in our company. We strive to resolve any relational challenges through honest communication and dialogue.

​​We value emotional literacy.

​​To apply, please email your resume with coverletter (stating the position you are applying for and why) to our General Manager, Saeed Rouhani:

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