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Notice: Camros is closed due to building renovations

What is "Camros"?

Camros is a spirited bird from ancient Persian mythology. It gathers seeds of life and brings them to people for nourishment and enjoyment.

​​At Camros Organic Eatery we gather nourishing organic ingredients and bring them to you in the form of satisfying, wholesome, 100% organic meals.

About the Creation of the "Camros Bird":

The "Camros bird" in our logo was hand-drawn by David Rankine.

We had no ancient scrolls with images to use as reference for our mythological creature, so the bird was in fact hatched in David's imagination. 

About David Rankine:

David is a master artist residing in Ontario, who primarily uses Celtic influences in his work. David is also interested in Persian artistic style. Persian and Celtic mythology and art contain interesting similarities. David's understanding of Persian art made him a natural choice for the drawing of the Camros bird.