Real. Organic. Food. Since 2006.

Notice: Camros is closed due to building renovations

Our Story (About Us)

Camros Organic Eatery is a family-owned and operated organic restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto.

​​Our doors opened on April 19, 2006, but our story goes back several years.

​​It all began when we decided to get away from pesticide-laden foods and nourish our bodies with delicious, naturally-grown, vibrant organic food.

​​A turning point in our self-education was Dr Jonn Matsen's seminal book Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion. It provides practical information on how to improve health and prevent disease through good digestion.

​​At this point we switched to 100% organically grown produce in the family, and started noticing increased energy, less digestive discomfort, and an overall greater sense of well-being. We also discovered that the taste of organic produce is much more satisfying than the taste of conventionally grown produce.

​​The idea for Camros Organic Eatery was born when we decided to fuse our new-found affinity for organics with delicious, aromatic Persian recipes, and turn the idea into a viable, fulfilling enterprise that uplifts those who come into contact with it (and works in a positive direction for sustainability).

​​We decided to make traditional family recipes and share delicious, wholesome, 100% organic Persian dishes at farmer's markets around the Greater Toronto Area. The response at the markets was very positive, and this led to our unique Persian meals being sold to the public at large health and sustainability tradeshows in Toronto. We have participated at major Ontario tradeshows such as "The Whole Life Expo", "The Yoga Show", "Total Health Expo", "Holistic World", "Windfall Ecology Festival", and the "National Women's Show".

​​The success at the tradeshows was overwhelming and Camros quickly became well-known for satisfying and nutritious 100% organic Persian dishes!

​​The decision to open up a vibrant organic eatery was a natural extension of our success at the tradeshows and the result of our initial desire to share our tasty and healthy cuisine with more people (at a place where they could come to us, instead of us having to always go to them).

​​While the challenges have been many, we are overcoming them one by one.

​​We are grateful to serve delicious, wholesome food to people who appreciate it and care about their own health.

Gaining the trust of loyal customers is deeply satisfying.